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Journal Publishing

A guide to how to go about picking an appropriate journal to submit an article for publication and how to successfully navigate the process of submission.

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Scholarly Articles

Primary Article

A primary article is one that offers new knowledge on a topic through direct or indirect observation and research.  These include quantitative or qualitative data and analysis. In science, a primary article will usually include all the elements of a scholarly article (see below).

Review article

This type of article offers a review or synthesis of existing research on a particular topic.  These articles are very useful to get a synthesis of the research done in a particular area. 

Systematic review

This is a thorough literature review focused on a particular research subject.  Unlike the review article it aims to find and synthesize ALL of the scholarly research on a particular topic and do it in a reproducible way to provide evidence for practice and policy-making.

Elements of a Scholarly Article


Usually a brief summary of the article including information on methodology and results.


Provides any necessary background information about the topic of research, with reasoning for why the study is being done.


Explains how the study was done. It includeds details of the research, including set-up and how data was collected.

Results or Findings

Presents the data from the study. This section usually includes charts, tables and graphs as visual representations of the data.


This section offers an analysis of the data, and how the study relates to existing knowledge of the topic. The authors evaluate whether the results of their study answer their research question.


A discussion of how the study adds to the existing knowledge on the topic and a consideration of potential research for further studies.


List of resources (articles, books, journals, etc) that authors used when developing their research.

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