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Journal Publishing

A guide to how to go about picking an appropriate journal to submit an article for publication and how to successfully navigate the process of submission.

Data Management

This guide offers tools and best practices for organizing, formatting, describing, and storing research data.

Data and Copyright

Data itself cannot be copyrighted but certain aspects of data can such as the modeling of the data. To facilitate reuse it’s important to be clear how the data can be used and attributed by giving it a known license that details its terms of use. Creative commons offers a number of licenses.

Data Sharing Requirements

Some federal agencies, as part of their grant requirements, may require researchers to share their data.  Placing it in a repository will ensure that it is preserved and publicly accessible. Publishers also may have requirements for making data associated with an article available.  Be sure to check for this information before submitting an article to a journal. 

Data Visualization

Subject Specialists

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Data Repositories

Repositories can be a stable place to store and share your data.  Data sharing is also now a requirement for many granting agencies and journal publishers.  Below are some guides to what options are available by discipline.