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Journal Publishing

A guide to how to go about picking an appropriate journal to submit an article for publication and how to successfully navigate the process of submission.

Peer Review

Peer review is a process of subjecting articles to a rigorous review process.  Experts in the field will read the articles for accuracy, authority and originality and suggest any changes or revisions that need to be made before the article can be published.

Identifying and choosing a journal

Things to consider:

  • What are the most appropriate journals in my subject area?
  • What type of articles do they publish and do they match mine?
  • What is the reputation of the journal?
  • Is the journal peer reviewed?
  • What are the journal’s copyright policies? Does it offer open access options?

An "about the journal" page is a good place to start investigating the journal.  This page will list the editor-in-chief, associate editors and editorial board, provide a statement on the scope and audience for the journal, the types of articles published, the publication frequency of the journal, what kind of peer review process is followed, and other information that can be helpful.

Here are some examples of "about the journal" pages:

Journal Directories

Subject Specialists

Chemistry and Geophysical Sciences Librarian
Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Regenstein 103; 773-702-8777

Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Librarian
Jenny Hart
Crerar Library; 773-702-7569

Business and Economics Librarian
Greg Fleming
JRL 100B; 773-834-8987

Tools to Measure Journal Impact