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Environmental Law

Major Treatises & Looseleaf Services

Environmental Law / by William H. Rodgers, Jr. 1986-present. [4 vol.; updated by pocket parts]
XXKF3812.R630 1986, D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks
Westlaw: ENVLAW

Treatise on Environmental Law / by Frank Grad
LexisNexis: TOELAW

Law of Environmental Protection / by Sheldon M. Novick. 1987-present. [3 vol.; loose-leaf; updated semi-annually]
XXKF3816.L390 1987, D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks
Westlaw: LENVPR

Law of Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling. 1992-present. [2 vol.; loose-leaf]
XXKF3816.R4G30 1992, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Selected Environmental Law Statutes
XXKF3775.A29U58, D'Angelo Law, Reserve Room

State Environmental Law [Selmi & Manaster]. 1989-present. [2 vol.; loose-leaf; updated annually]
XXKF3775.Z95S450 1989, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Environmental law in Illinois corporate and real estate transactions, 2007 / general editor, William J. Anaya
XXKFI1554.E645 2007, D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks
Online: IICLE

BNA Databases

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Other Books

Climate change and the law / Chris Wold, David Hunter, Melissa Powers.
XXK3593.W65 2009, D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks

Environmental law / Jeffrey M. Gaba, 2009. [Black Letter Outlines]
XXKF3775.Z9G34 2009, D'Angelo Law, Reserve Room

Environmental law and policy / by James Salzman, Barton H. Thompson, Jr.
XXKF3775.S25 2014, D'Angelo Law, Reserve Room

Environmental law: from resources to recovery / by Celia Campbell-Mohn ed.; Barry Breen, managing ed.; William Futrell, James M. McElfish, contributing eds.; Paula Grant, copy ed. 1993-
XXKF5505.C360 1993, D'Angelo Law, Reserve Room

Environmental law: RCRA, CERCLA, and the management of hazardous waste / by John S. Applegate, Jan G. Laitos.
XXKF3946.A9665 2006, D'Angelo Law, Reserve Room

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