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Star Wars

A long time ago, in a library not so far away....

Video Games

Below are some games based on the Star Wars films that are part of the Library's video game collection in the Mansueto Library. Consoles available at the Digital Media Center, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. For more information, view our guide How do I find video games?

Block Star Wars Spoilers!

With the Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming soon, you’re in ever-increasing danger of encountering a spoiler or two on the Web. Thankfully, there’s a Chrome extension to keep you from accidentally reading them. Whenever it detects a potential spoiler related to the film on a page you’re browsing, it automatically displays a protective overlay.

This handy extension keeps you from accidentally reading pages with Star Wars spoilers

Children's Books

Star Wars Snowflakes

Deck the halls with Star Wars Snowflakes!

A Very Star Wars Holiday

Celebrate the holidays with a Star Wars Christmas album, or the infamous holiday special!  Princess Leia & C3P0 sings!

Watch at your own risk!