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How do I find video games?

Finding Video Games

Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985, Nintendo Creative Department)The Library's video game collection is housed in the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library.  Games may be requested from the Mansueto Library like any other item, and are available for regular loan. However, you may only check out 3 games at a time.

Finding a Specific Game

If you know the game you are looking for, search the Library Catalog by title.

Finding Games by System

If you would like to identify games for a specific system (PS2, Xbox, Wii, etc.):

Go to the Advanced Keyword tab

  1. Enter "Computer Games" in the first search box selecting "Subject" in the drop box to the right. 
  2. Enter the specific system (Xbox, Wii, etc.) in the second box, leaving the drop box as "All Fields". 
  3. Under Location, limit to "Mansueto Library".
  4. Under Format, limit to "E-Resource".

For assistance requesting items from the Mansueto Library, please follow the instructions linked below.

Where are the Game Consoles?

The Logan Digital Media Center (DMC) has agreed, as part of its mission to make equipment and facilities available to University of Chicago students, staff, and faculty for artistic creation and teaching, by keeping game consoles in its Equipment Cage. Their offerings include PS2, Xbox, Super NES, Atari 2600, PlayStation, and Xbox 360. Consoles are for use within the Logan Center only and are subject to limited loan periods, according to the DMC's policies.

About the Video Game Collection

The Library's video game collection was established in 2012 to support the research and teaching of students and faculty working on transmedia, new media or comparative media studies, as well as reflecting an emerging research interest on campus in game programming, the sociology of games, videogame music, and other areas that touch on videogames, gaming and gamers. Learn more.

The collection will continue to be shaped by research and teaching needs, as well as budgetary considerations.  If you are interested in the Library adding a game to the collection, you may recommend it be purchased: