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Voter Services

This guide offers students help registering to vote, finding ballots, and voting absentee.

COVID-19 Changes

The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation for the 2020 general election to help mitigate problems arising from the pandemic. Election authorities are to send vote-by-mail applications for the Nov. 3 election to the 5 million voters who participated in the 2018 general election, the 2019 municipal elections or the March 2020 primary.  The law also changes the standard to reject a ballot cast by mail. Instead of a single election judge verifying the signatures of voters and the validity of the ballot, a bipartisan panel of three election judges will make that call.

If you are concerned about your current signature no longer matching your registration signature, you can fill out a signature update form.  Fill in all blanks, print, sign and mail it in (69 West Washington Street, Suites 600, Chi, IL 60602) OR email to

The Chicago Board of Elections will have secure drop boxes at all 50 early voting sites in addition to the super-site for voters to drop off their mail in ballots.  A worker will time-stamp the envelope and make sure that the voter has signed the outside of the envelope.  If a voter chooses to use the USPS they recommend mailing the ballot as soon as possible.

Absentee / Mail in Ballots

Mail-In Voting

Mailboc with text Vote by Mail