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Open Access

This gude discusses open access, its significance, and how UChicago Library supports it.

Knowledge@UChicago Opens Access to Scholarly Work

To ensure open, equitable, and worldwide access to the University of Chicago's research outputs and scholarly work, the Library and IT Services at the University have collaboratively launched Knowledge@UChicago, an institutional repository that provides seamless access to a variety of scholarly contents generated by the University community.  Materials available from Knowledge@UChicago include but are not limited to:

Knowledge@UChicago logo

In addition to facilitating unfettered global access, Knowledge@UChicago brings about the following benefits to the deposited items:

  • Raising their profile by enhancing their online visibility and discoverability
  • Extending their reach to a wider range of readers/users, including those not affiliated with an academic institution
  • Preserving them for long-term, reliable access thanks to the professional services from the Library and IT Services
  • Assigning to each item a digital object identifier (DOI) that functions as a persistent link and enables the citation of the item in scholarly literature

Last but not least, Knowledge@UChicago offers an effective and convenient avenue for UChicago researchers to comply with funding agencies' access and sharing requirements.

Making a deposit in Knowledge@UChicago does not entail a transfer of copyright.  Members of the UChicago community are welcome to contribute their intellectual outputs to the repository.  More information about Knowledge@UChicago is available from its About page.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Library.

Submission to Knowledge@UChicago

Members of the University of Chicago community are welcome to deposit their scholarly, creative, and pedagogical work in Knowledge@UChicago for dissemination and preservation.  Please review this page before making a submission.  The figure below shows the submission process.  Feel free to contact the Library with questions or suggestions for Knowledge@UChicago.

Knowledge@UChicago submission process