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Library Orientation for International Students

A guide detailing library resources and services for incoming and current international students.

Finding an Item Using Open Stacks

Step 1: Search the Library Catalog for your item


Search in Library Catalog


Finding a Record in the Catalog


Step 2: Find the Call Number for your item


Call Number in a Catalog Record


Close up of Call number in catalog Record

Step 3: See where that call number is in the library


Bookstack Map of the Reg

Find library floor plans at


Step 4: Find the book on the shelf


Finding a book in the stacks

Photo Courtesy of "The Secret Life of the Reg," Evangeline Reid and Frank Yan


Step 5: Check out the item!


Photo of the circulation desk


If you have any questions, Ask A Librarian!


Ask a librarian desk

Image courtesy of "Summer Research Tips for B.A. Writers", Rebecca Starkey

Ask a Librarian

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Ask a Librarian
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