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UChicago Library Diverse Books & Open Conversations

Community Agreements

Diverse Books & Open Conversations

Community Agreements (Adapted from U.W. Bothell’s Community Agreements)

A goal of Diverse Books & Open Conversations is to build community through a common intellectual experience. During times of political division and unrest, libraries continue to provide tools for advancing and creating knowledge, fostering critical thinking and evidence-based arguments, and promoting reasoned dialog. 

In this, we agree to:

BE: Be present. Be open to new forms of knowledge.

SPEAK: Speak from your own experiences.  Don’t speak for others even if you share the same identity.

LISTEN: Listen respectfully and intently to other perspectives.  Let people finish sentences before responding.

RESPOND: Respond to what has been said, not the person saying it.

DIALOGUE: Hold space for dialogue instead of debate. It’s not about winning an argument.

COMMUNICATE: Challenge yourself to communicate in new ways.

EXPECTATIONS: Expect and accept discomfort and non-closure. Allow feelings to emerge in yourself and others without trying to “fix” them.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Respect confidentiality. Personal information/comments should not be shared outside the space.

PROCESS: Grant yourself and others permission to express ideas and thoughts imperfectly.