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How do I cite resources?

Learn the basics on citing resources using the major citation style guides.

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What is APA style?

APA is short for the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, a style guide developed and published by the American Psychological Association

Who uses APA?

APA style is the dominant citation style in the social sciences, especially psychology and related fields.  However, it may be used by scholars in other fields.

Is the APA Style manual available online?

No, the Library does not have access to one

Does it matter what edition I use? 

You should always use the most recent edition unless told otherwise.  The latest is the 7th edition (2020).

Does APA require footnotes/endnotes?

APA uses parenthetical citation with a works cited list.  Content notes or bibliographic notes can be used in conjunction with the parenthetical citations.

APA indicates I should include a DOI in my citation?  What is a DOI?

APA recommends the inclusion of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for print and electronic sources.  DOIs are unique numbers assigned by indexes or online publishers to provide a perment link to specific works.   For more information, view APA's Electronic Sources and Locator Information guidelines.

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