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PHSC 12900 Chemistry of Artist's Materials

Suggested resources for researching materials, analytical methods, conservation science and safety concerns for paints, ceramics, coatings, and other materials used in art.

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Chemistry of artist's materials for the non-specialist

Information about scientific aspects of artworks and other cultural materials is not limited to books for specialists or to research articles.  Here are a few sources of information intended for the non-specialist reader:


Reading a reference

scientific reference explained

Scientific references vary from journal to journal, but usually you will see the following elements:  author, journal name (or abbreviation), volume and/or year of publication, inclusive pages numbers.  Other elements may include an article title, issue number, digital object identifer (DOI) and/or URL (for online versions).

How to read a scientific paper

In order to read a scientific paper, it helps to understand the different parts of the article, the purpose of each part and the information contained in the different parts. 

How to Read a Scientific Paper - a PDF tutorial from Purdue University LIbraries

Parts of a scientific paper (Nature)


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