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CMLT31600 : Marxism and Modern Culture

Loren Kruger, Winter 2019

Sample Titles

Examples demonstrating ways Marxist interpretation has been applied to the study of culture.

Key Databases for Articles

An efficient way to search in the library catalog, WorldCat or any database of articles is to use subject terms, which are standardized.

Subjects can be combined to narrow a search focus, e.g., Adorno AND "popular culture". Or to broaden : (Adorno OR Brecht) AND "cultural industries".


Sample subject terms:

  • Marxian economics  
  • Marxian school of sociology  
  • Marxist criticism
  • Globalization-Social aspects
  • Anti-globalization movement
  • Communism -- Latin America
  • Communism -- United States


Area Studies Research Guides

Subject Specialist

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