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Mental Health Advocacy Clinic Research Guide


See Major Databases tab for PsycInfo which indexes articles.

APA handbook of forensic psychology. Vol. 1, Individual and situational influences in criminal and civil contexts Brian L. Cutler and Patricia A. Zapf, editors-in-chief. (2015)



Chapter 1: Foundational Aspects of Forensic Mental Health Assessment / Kirk Heilbrun and Casey D. LaDuke

Chapter 2: Forensic Assessment Instruments / Richard Rogers and Chelsea E. Fiduccia

Chapter 3: Risk Assessment and Communication Laura S. Guy, Kevin S. Douglas, and Stephen D. Hart

Chapter 4: Legal Insanity and Mens Rea DefensesIra K. Packer

Chapter 5: Criminal Competencies Daniel C. Murrie and Heather Zelle

Chapter 6: Mental Health Treatment of Criminal Offenders / Barry Rosenfeld, Jacqueline Howe, Ashley Pierson, and Melodie Foellmi

Chapter 7: Capital Case Considerations David DeMatteo, Michael Keesler, Megan Murphy, and Heidi Strohmaier

Chapter 8: Criminal Behavior Shelley L. Brown, Shannon Gottschall, and Craig Bennell

Ch. 9: Psychopathy Kevin S. Douglas, Natalia L. Nikolova, Shannon E. Kelley, and John F. Edens

Ch.10: Substance Use and Crime David DeMatteo, Sarah Filone, and Jennie Davis

Ch.11: Sexual Offending / Michael C. Seto, Drew A. Kingston, and Skye Stephens

Ch. 12: Intimate Partner Violence Tonia L. Nicholls and John Hamel

Chapter 13: Child Custody and Access Marc J. Ackerman and Jonathan W. Gould

Chapter 14: Personal Injury and Other Tort Matters Eric Y. Drogin, Leigh D. Hagan, Thomas J. Guilmette, and Lisa Drago Piechowski

Chapter 15: Employment DiscriminationMargaret S. Stockdale, Katherine A. Sliter, and Leslie Ashburn-Nardo

Chapter 16: Civil CompetenciesDouglas Mossman and Helen M. Farrell


APA handbook of forensic psychology. Vol. 2, Criminal investigation, adjudication, and sentencing outcomes Brian L. Cutler and Patricia A. Zapf, editors-in-chief. (2015)



Chapter 1: Children as WitnessesDebra Ann Poole, Sonja P. Brubacher, and Jason J. Dickinson

Chapter 2: Juvenile OffendersJennifer L. Woolard, Sarah Vidal, and Erika Fountain

Chapter 3: Elders and the Justice System Eve M. Brank and Lindsey E. Wylie

Chapter 4: Female OffendersTonia L. Nicholls, Keith R. Cruise, Duncan Greig, and Holly Hinz

Chapter 5: Race in the Justice SystemJennifer S. Hunt

Chapter 6: Investigative PsychologyPaul J. Taylor, Brent Snook, Craig Bennell, and Louise Porter

Chapter 7: Eyewitness MemoryNancy K. Steblay

Chapter 8: Deception DetectionAldert Vrij

Chapter 9: ConfessionsSaul M. Kassin, Jennifer T. Perillo, Sara C. Appleby, and Jeff Kukucka

Chapter 10: Jury Decision Making Margaret Bull Kovera and Lora M. Levett

Chapter 11: Media and the Law Jennifer Groscup

Chapter 12: Procedural Justice Diane Sivasubramaniam and Larry Heuer

Chapter 13: Probation and Parole Jill Viglione and Faye S. Taxman

Chapter 14: Sentencing / R. Barry Ruback

Chapter 15: Prison OvercrowdingCraig Haney

Chapter 16: Community CorrectionsErin Crites, Courtney Porter, and Faye S. Taxman

Chapter 17: The Death Penalty Craig Haney, Joanna Weill, and Mona Lynch