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Hinton Moot Court Resource Guide

This guide is intended to highlight resources that may be useful in preparing for the Hinton Moot Court competition at the University of Chicago Law School.

Transcripts of Oral Arguments

There are several sources for transcripts of oral arguments made before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Audio and Video of Oral Arguments

  • The Oyez Project: U.S. Supreme Court Media - Oral arguments in streaming audio and MP3 formats. From October 1955 to present.
  • U.S. Supreme Court - Audio recordings of all oral arguments are now available to the public at the end of each argument week.  The audio recordings are posted on Fridays after Conference.
  • - Includes transcripts and audio recordings of oral arguments made before the Supreme Court by attorneys at Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Maw LLP.
  • C-SPAN's America and the Courts - Includes some oral arguments (featuring still picture images of the participants with audio) including Rasul v. Bush, Al Odah v. U.S., Cheney v. U.S. District Court, Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, and Rumsfeld v. Padilla.
  • C-SPAN's Video Library - Includes judicial proceedings with oral arguments. Use the Advanced Search function and search for "oral arguments".

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