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ARTH 2/36803: Architectural Theory & Practice in the Enlightenment & Nineteenth Century

Professor Katherine Taylor (Fall 2013)

Using Subject Headings

Using the Library Catalog:

To find books on your subject, use the BROWSE index and select "SUBJECT" from the drop-down menu.

Some sample searches:

  • Boullee Etienne-Louis  (note subheading for "criticism and interpretation")

  • Neoclassicism (architecture) --france (subdivisions by country and city and following main heading)

  • Architectural Criticism  (further subdivides geographically and chronologically)

  • Architecture--historiography

  • Architecture--philosophy

The Library Catalog has an Advanced Search feature.  Select the "Advanced Keyword" option and enter terms in the subject" field. These terms do not need to be in a set order. Results will be by default organized by relevence; you can swtich the list to newest first or oldest first.

For example:

  • architectural criticism germany 19th century
  • boullee criticism (add publication date facet limit; language facet limit)
  • neoclassicism architecture france




A selection of newspaper collections online.

Subject Guide

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