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United States Legal Research for L.L.M. Students

Overview of basic United States legal research. Originally written primarily for foreign law students, who are familiar with legal concepts but unfamiliar with U.S. legal materials, but useful also for the novice practitioner.

Civil Procedure Treatises

General Rules of Applicability for the Federal Courts

Civil procedure, evidence, and appellate procedure rules are published in the appendix to Title 28 of the U.S.C.A. (United States Code Annotated, Westlaw)

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure are published in an appendix to Title 18 of the U.S.C.A. 

U.S.C.S. (United States Code Service, Lexis Advance) has separate Court Rules volumes.

Federal Local Court Rules

Most federal court websites have local rules online. 

Print sources, with commentary, include:

State Court Rules

General rules of applicability for state courts are usually published as part of each state's statutory code, or as a supplement to the code.

Litigator's Internet Resource Guide: Rules of Court includes links to online versions of federal and state court rules:

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