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United States Legal Research for L.L.M. Students

Overview of basic United States legal research. Originally written primarily for foreign law students, who are familiar with legal concepts but unfamiliar with U.S. legal materials, but useful also for the novice practitioner.

Purposes of a Citator

  • Parallel citations - names of other reporters where the decision is published
  • History of the case on appeal
  • Treatment by subsequent courts of legal issues in the case
  • Current validity - is the case still good law?
  • Expand research - other cases and secondary sources that cite the case 

Shepard's (in Lexis+ & Nexis Uni)

Shepard's Citation Service is available in Nexis Uni and Lexis+

KeyCite from Westlaw

Bloomberg Law

BCite, Bloomberg Law's citator, is shown in a tab at the top of each case. BCite provides history of the case, citation analysis and Tables of Authority.

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