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Supreme Court of the United States

Sources of information about cases before the Court or decided by the Court.

Opinions - Publication

Slip Opinions

Opinions are first issued as slip opinions.  Then, "preliminary prints" of the United States Reports (the official case reporter of U.S. Supreme Court cases) are printed.  About 3 years later, once the Court has made its final corrections, the United States Reports bound volumes are printed.  The bound volumes are in the Wilson Reading Room and on the D'Angelo Law Library 5th floor, both at call number XXKF101.A212.  Preliminary prints are available on the Supreme Court website and in the Reserve Reading Room.

Table of Dates, Decisions and Arguments

The Supreme Court has a table of dates, decisions and arguments in cases from the United States Reports, Vols. 2-107 (1791-1882), gathered from handwritten Court records, the Engrossed Minutes and Engrossed Documents.  The Table is found on the Supreme Court website.

Recent Opinions

Core Sources for Opinions

Opinions - Free Sources

Digests, Indexes and Citators


American Law Reports

U. S. Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition

Use the Index to Annotations to find cases by topic.  To find particular cases, use a citator.  To find all Supreme Court cases dealing with a particular issue,use LexisNexis' U.S. Supreme Court Digest (database USDGST).


Shepard's on Lexis Advance and KeyCite on Westlaw give you references to cases, briefs, oral arguments, law reviews and other secondary sources that cite your case, and indicate whether the case is still good law.

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