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Geophysical Sciences

Geological Survey Organizations

International Geological Surveys
  • Directory of Geoscience Organizations of the World 1999
    While out of date, this site is still helpful to identify the names of the individual national geological surveys.  Postal addresses, telephone numbers, email and web links (when available) for most countries are given, but should be checked. Includes other geological sciences bureaus and organizations as well as surveys. Provided by the Geological Survey of Japan.

Websites for Geoscience Information

The following sites provide information in varying levels of detail on a variety of geological sciences topics. Mostly geared toward students, and those researchers seeking basic information or introductory and background material in preparation for more in depth study. Many of these sites also provide materials for curricular support for instructors at many different levels (elementary school through university programs). Special features may include virtual field trips, online glossaries, and media presentations.

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