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Biological Sciences Data Repositories

A listing of biological sciences data repositories

Genomics Data Commons

The Genomic Data Commons, a next-generation platform that enables unprecedented data access, analysis and sharing for cancer research, publicly launched at the University of Chicago on June 6, opening the door to discoveries for this complex set of diseases.

The Genomic Data Commons went live with approximately 4.1 petabytes of data from National Cancer Institute-supported research programs, including some of the largest and most comprehensive cancer genomics datasets in the world—such as The Cancer Genome Atlas and Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments and more than 14,000 anonymized patient cases. One petabyte equals 1 million gigabytes. 

Human Genetics Data Repositories

List of relevant repositories from NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy 

Highlighted resources can be found below.

NIH Supported Data Repositories