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Mathematics subject guide

Article Databases

The Library subscribes to many article indexing databases in all areas of science, engineering and medicine.  The following are those which are most useful in finding articles on topics in mathematics.  For a complete list of all databases provided by the Library, visit the Database Finder.

Finding Journal Titles

The Library has an extensive collections of mathematics journals, both online and in print.  Use the following links to access specific journals or look up journal title abbreviations.

Searching for Citation Information

The Library provides resources for locating a variety of measures of research impact, including counts of citations to a particular paper, measures of citations to specific authors, and impact factors for journal titles.  Tools are often integrated into articles databases.  


Crerar Library holds the following preprint collection in print format:
Research Institute for Mathematics Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University  --  #765 (July 1991) - #1204 (May 1998)  -- request at the Circulation Counter
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), UC Berkeley  --  #00120-87 (September 1986) - #049-93 (April 1993)  -- request at the Circulation Counter
Aarhus Universitet. Matematisk Institut -- 1987-2007  - QA1.P72 Crerar bookstacks
Institut Mittag-Leffler  --  1981-2000  -  QA1.R38 Crerar bookstacks

Contact Information

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Librarian for Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics
Crerar Library Room 130
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Off-campus Access

Almost all Library databases can be accessed from off-campus. The easiest way to do this is to use links from the Library website. You will then be prompted for your CNetID and password to authenticate yourself as an authorized user.

If you find sources through Google Scholar or other search engines, you may not automatically get access to Library resources. Use the ProxyIt bookmarklet in these situations. There's more information on our guide to off-campus access