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Subject and Research Guide


Directory of music faculties in American colleges and universities, U.S. and Canada. (Serial, 2001-present)
ML13.D59  RR3  (Organized geographically and by school, with cross-indexes by name and specialty. Annual; latest two editions in RR3).

Musical America Worldwide. (Serial, 2006-present)
ML13.M497  Stacks

Musical America. International directory of the performing arts. (Serial, 1970-2005)
ML13.M497  Stacks

Uscher, Nancy. The Schirmer guide to schools of music and conservatories throughout the world, 1988.
ML12.U80 1988  RR3

Music Bibliography

Duckles, Vincent. Music Reference and Research Materials. 5th ed., revised. 1997.
ML113.D83 1997  RR3

CURRENT TITLE: International who's who in classical music (Annual, 2002-present; most recent issue in RR3; earlier issues in stacks)
ML106.G7W62  RR3

EARLIER TITLE: International who's who in music and musicians' directory, Vol. one, In the classical and light-classical fields (Annual, 1996-2001) ML106.G7W62  RR3

International who's who in music, Vol. two, Popular music (Annual, 1996-present; most recent issue in RR3; earlier issues in stacks)
ML105.I58  RR3

Librettto Indexes

Irene Alm. Catalog of Venetian librettos at the University of California, Los Angeles (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993)
ML136.L842U6820 1993   RR3 and Stacks

Eberhard Thiel and Gisela Rohr, comp.  Libretti : Verzeichnis der bis 1800 erschienenen Textbücher (Frankfurt, Wolfenbüttel: Herzog August Bibliothek, 1970) ML136.W85H57 1970   RR3

Oscar George Theodore Sonneck, ed. Catalog of opera librettos printed before 1800 (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress. Music Division, 1968)
ML136.U561   RR3

Sartori, Claudio. I libretti italiani a stampa dalle origini al 1800 : catalogo analitico con 16 indici (Cuneo: Bertola & Locatelli, 1990-)
f ML136.S270 1990   RR3

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. 2nd edition. 1994-2007. 26 vols. Topics, 9 vols.; Biograpies, 17 vols.
ML100.M987 1994  RR3

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. Centennial edition, 2001. 6 vols.
ML105.B16 2001  RR3

Slonimsky, Nicolas. Baker's biographical dictionary of twentieth-century classical musicians. 1997.
ML105.S612 1997  RR3

Contemporary Composers. 1992. ed. Morton, B., Collins, P., Ferneyhough, B.
ML390.C66 1992  RR3

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