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Creating Digital Media

Campus resources to create, edit, and share digital objects

What Would You Like to Create?

Welcome to the Creating Digital Media Guide!

This guide is packed full of tips and best practices for creating digital media. From documents and images, to videos and webpages, we hope to cover all the steps in planning, creating, and hosting your content.


What is Digital Media?

Digital media is communication that can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on computers. These include: 

  • Computer programs and software
  • Digital imagery
  • Digital video
  • Video games
  • Web pages and websites, including social media
  • Digital audio

In the classroom, the use of media and technology can help bridge the distance between instructor and students, between students and texts, and between students of various skill levels in effective and innovative ways.

Using digital media in the classroom can:

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Understanding Copyright

Sharing information is easier than ever when you are using blogs, wikis, and social media. However, even though the information is online doesn't mean that it isn't copyright protected. Understand your rights and the rights of others through the Library's Copyright Information Center, developed in collaboration with ITServices.