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How Do I Find Comic Books and Graphic Novels?

Finding Graphic Novels in the Library Catalog

The UChicago library system has over 2000 graphic novels in the collection.

When searching the catalog, the following terms are useful. (Use the "Subject" search option.)

Subject Headings:


Comics can be found by browsing on the shelves virtually or physically.

The Library Catalog offers a shelf browse function based on call numbers, which allows the examination of various materials.

The majority of comics are between PN6700-6790

US Comics are mostly between PN6725-6728

Some materials are in NC1300-1766

Many graphic novels are folio sized and are found in the folio section of the third floor.

What is a Graphic Novel?

A Guide to Graphic Novels by Jessica Abel

What is a Graphic Novel 1

What is a Graphic Novel 2

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