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CHEM 220 Organic Chemistry

Introduction to using the organic chemistry literature

Online Data Compilations

Many compilations of chemical and physical properties for chemical substances are in existence.  Some recommended online resources are list below.

Organic Data in Handbooks

Online Spectra Resources

Web-Based Spectra Resources available to University of Chicago users

Spectral Information in Chemistry Databases (restricted to UChicago)

  • SciFinder- References and/or spectra of NMR, IR, Raman, MS, UV/VIS in the "Experimental Properties" of the CAS Registry record for substances (requires individual user registration)
  • Reaxys - References to literature reports of NMR, IR, MS, Raman, UV/VIS and other spectral data included in the compound record (also referred to as "Beilstein")

Other "Free" Spectral Data Collections

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