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Earl B. Dickerson Research Guide

Legal Career

Earl B. Dickerson, who was known as "the dean of Chicago's black lawyers," is perhaps best known for arguing Hansberry v. Lee, the U.S. Supreme Court case that marked the beginning of the end of restrictive real estate covenants, a legal tool of segregation outside of the South. Dickerson was also leader of the movement that broke the color barrier to membership in the Illinois Bar Association.

An Appeal to the World

On October 23, 1947, the NAACP sent to the United Nations a document titled An Appeal to the World: A Statement on the Denial of Human Rights to Minorities in the Case of Citizens of the United States of America and an Appeal to the United Nations for Redress, asking for the UN to redress human rights violations the United States committed against its Black citizens. Earl B. Dickerson wrote Chapter 2 "The Denial of Legal Rights of American Negroes From 1787 to 1914", which is available in full here.