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Digital Exhibition Platforms

About Omeka

Omeka is a tool for creating digital collections and web exhibits.

The University of Chicago Library has an institutional subscription to, which provides you with access to plugins (added features) and stylistic options that can help make an Omeka site more dynamic. Instructors who are interested in having their students build a digital exhibit or researchers who would like to showcase their research are invited to contact the Library to set up an site.

Request your Omeka site here.

Signing up for your account

In order to create or be added to an Omeka site, you'll have to first create an Omeka account. Navigate to​ and select "Start your free Omeka Trial." Despite the "pricing" header on this page, you do not need to purchase a subscription.By signing up for a free account, you are provided with one site and 500MB of storage space.

If you need more storage or would like more functionalities, talk to the Library about creating a site using our institutional account. You will still need to sign up for a free trial plan in order to be added to a course or research Omeka site that is created on your behalf using the library account so follow the same steps.Navigate to and select "Start your free Omeka trial"

  • To create an Omeka account, visit
  • Select "Start your free Omeka trial" 
  • Provide the requested information
  • Check your email to find the confirmation email from Omeka
  • Follow the link to activate your account

Create a username and password for your account and associate your account with an email address.

Once you create an account and are added to a site, you will receive an email to accept an invitation. Follow the link in the email invitation and login to the site. 

After accepting the invitation, you can login by visiting and selecting "My Account" on the upper right hand corner. This will take you to a list of sites that you are part of.

Omeka Help and Guidance