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Fulbright Resources

This guide provides an overview of resources and services available to support Fulbright study / research grant applicants.

Meet Your Subject Librarian(s)

The Library has librarians in specific subject areas, and they can be helpful to meet with when beginning your application. Subject librarians offer:

  • Tips for conducting literature reviews and help identifying collections
  • Knowledge of research tools and methodologies in their fields
  • Know UChicago faculty and their research interests

Get to Know Your Area Studies Librarian(s)

The Library's Area Studies specialists provide support for researchers focusing on a specific region of the world. They can be very helpful to meet with while planning your application. Area Studies librarians have:

  • A Knowledge of universities, archives, and research collections abroad
  • Relationships with librarians at other institutions
  • Affiliations with national libraries (through collection exchange programs and professional associations)
  • Language expertise for their region
  • Advice about conducting research in other countries

Ask a Librarian

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Rebecca Starkey
Head of Research & Instruction Services
Education & Library Science Librarian

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers
FLI Ally
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