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Two Methods

Until 2017, zines were recorded in the catalog. If you know that you're interested in a zine or zines published in 2016 or later, you'll want to use the "finding aid" method. Anyone else should use both methods to make sure that they are not missing something. 

Zines in the Catalog

To find the zines in the catalog, we will do a keyword subject search for "zines" and then limit the results to zines held in the Special Collections Research Center. This link should take you to the end result.

If you want to do it yourself...

Keyword subject search

Limiting to Special Collections Research Center


Zines in the Finding Aid

To find the rest of the zines we have, we'll need to check a special list of zines made by the staff in the Special Collections Research Center : Chicago Zine Collection. This "finding aid" lists the zines by the order in which we received them and is not able to be sorted. You may either read through the list or use your browser's "find in page" feature to look for a specific author or title.

When you've picked out the zine that you want to read, note the Box and Folder number -- those tell you where the zine is physically located. You'll need the Box number to request the zine and the Folder number to find it in the Box.