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Wharton Research Data Services

Information on WRDS and how to get access

About WRDS

Wharton Research Data Services, commonly referred to as WRDS (and pronounced "Words"), is a collection of economic, finance, management and marketing databases that are delivered through a common web interface. WRDS is managed by the Chicago Booth School of Business.

WRDS uses individual accounts, which must be approved by a local administrator before access is granted.

These groups are eligible for accounts

  • Chicago Booth faculty and students
  • Department of Economics faculty and PhD students
  • Faculty and students in the Financial Mathematics program
  • Students in the Master of Analytics program

Other UChicago users can request a Day Pass, as described below.

WRDS Day Pass

Current students and faculty may request a Day Pass for WRDS access. This gives you access to all of the data sets that are under the current subscriptions. You must register with your UChicago email address and agree to the full WRDS terms and conditions.

There is no limit to the number of Day Passes. Any requests that don't complete during your access can be retrieved the next day when you register with the same email address.

What's in WRDS

Compustat and CRSP (Center for Research in Securities Prices) are the most frequently accessed datasets in WRDS.

There are many other datasets in WRDS and not all are available to University of Chicago researchers. Current subscriptions will be displayed when you log in, but in some cases not all parts of a product are available.