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How do I find reception studies?

A reception history or reception study looks at how a work has been perceived at the time of its creation or over time.


How a book is recieved can be studied by researching the critical reception of the author or book in addition to book reviews. You can look for scholarly articles that appear shortly after the book was published (or republished), or at different stages during the life of the author. To do this, limit your search to specific dates. Alternatively, use bibliographies about an author or playwright to hone in on relevant articles.

For example :

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, an Annotated Bibliography


A Bibliography of William Morris

Key terms to use in searching indexes are "reception," "reputation," or "appreciation."

Finding book reviews

This page contains resources that only cover reviews of literature. The more general resources on the "How to find Reviews" guide will also contain reviews of literature as well as other genres.

Reviews of Literature & Literary Criticism

N.B. The Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA) does not include reviews.

Option for In-Depth Research

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