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How Do I Find Music and Other Recordings?

A guide to locating recorded music and other sound recordings including audiobooks and spoken word in physical and electronic formats.

The Sterno Collection

The Sterno Collection is a gift collection of CDs from an alumnus drawn from several years of  attendance at many shows in the city.  The collection includes a number of rarities and signed copies.  The collection includes a large number of ska and punk albums from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Sterno CDs are signified by a lowercase s at the end of the call number. 

All Sterno CDs are permanent reserve items with a 7 day checkout period.

Spoken Word and Audiobooks

Audiobooks and Drama on CD

The Library has a select collection of audiobooks, spoken word and drama on CD.  These collections include highlights such as history lectures, the complete works of Shakespeare and multiple poetry collections.

Many of these can be found using the subject heading "Audiobooks." Others can be found by author using the advanced search limited to Music and Other Recordings.

Audiobooks in the Library Catalog

Spoken Word LP Collection

The Recordings Collection has a large collection of spoken word material on record, featuring poetry from Chaucer through Langston Hughes.

Poetry on LP

Music in Special Collections

The Special Collections Research Center at the Regenstein Library has several collections of Music and other recordings available.  Some of these are not currently in usable formats, but some have been digitized for use. 

Chicago Jazz Archive Album Collection- The Chicago Jazz Archive includes many different albums of various artists.  Some parts of the collection are only available for visual inspection at this time, but the collection is extensive.

Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players Records- The collection of works from CCP includes a number of recordings of performances by the ensemble. 

Special Collections, Modern Poetry- The Special Collections Modern Poetry Collection includes a number of audio recordings.

Online Audio Databases

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