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CHEM 22700 Advanced synthetic chemistry laboratory

Course specific guide to introduce resources for inorganic and organometallic systhesis and compound characterization laboratory projects

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Finding articles

Structures and Substances

Citing using ACS Style

Chapter 14 of the ACS Style Guide covering citation and references is available as a downloadable PDF

CHEM 227 Library Orientation

Finding Journal Titles

The Library has an extensive collections of chemistry journals, both online and in print.  Use the following links to access specific journals or look up journal title abbreviations.

Find It!

When searching various Library and online sources, the Find It button, when present, can be used to locate an item in the Library Catalog, to gain access to the full-text of an article, or to send interlibrary loan orders for items that the Library does not own.

Subject Specialist

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Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Director, Humanities and Area Studies
Chemistry and
Geophysical Sciences

Chat with an available librarian using Ask Me

Off-campus Access

Almost all Library databases can be accessed from off-campus. The easiest way to do this is to use links from the Library website. You will then be prompted for your CNetID and password to authenticate yourself as an authorized user.

If you find sources through Google Scholar or other search engines, you may not automatically get access to Library resources. Use the ProxyIt bookmarklet or Libkey Nomad in these situations. There's more information on these in our guide to off-campus access.