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Library of Congress Classification for Russian Literature (PG)

PG2900 - PG3698 is the Library of Congress Subclassifiction range for Russian Literature. Within that range, LC has assigned each author a specific PG number or range of numbers, bringing together all materials by and about that author. Because the University of Chicago's Russian Literature collection predated the final development of the Library of Congress scheme for PG, previous to 2000, University of Chicago call numbers for Russian authors were assigned independently of LC's numbers.

In 2000, Regenstein Library decided to begin using the numbers assigned by the Library of Congress. Unfortunately, there are significant differences between the Regenstein numbers and LC's numbers.  Thus, within Regenstein's Russian Literature section there are two separate call number ranges for authors published prior to 2000, and the books in each range can be located many shelves apart. Authors who began publishing after 2000 have only one call number range. Over time, as currently received books are cataloged using the LC numbers, more and more of Regenstein's Russian literature collection will be represented by the newer LC numbers.

For example:

In Regenstein bookstacks, works by and about Anna Akhmatova can be found under the following call numbers: PG3551.O72 and PG3476.A324.

Particularly if you are browsing, in order to review all of the relevant holdings pertaining to most Russian authors, you will need to identify both call number sequences.


Reference: Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies and Handbooks


painting of scene from Evgenii Onegin





Anna Akhmatov


  Anna Akhmatova in English

  Concordance to the Poetry of Anna Akhmatova

  Kratkaia akhmatovskaia entsiklopediia







  Bulgakov: Entsiklopediia

  Bulgakovskii sbornik

  Mikhail A. Bulgakov: publikatsii

  International Bibliography

  Bulgakov in English

  Bulgakov in the Western World








Anton Chekov

  Al'manakh Melikhovo

  Cambridge Companion to Chekhov

  A Chekhov Companion

  Chekhovskii vestnik

  Dictionnaire Tchekhov

  North American Chekhov Society Bulletin




Fedor Dostoevskii

 Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii

 Dostoevskii: entsiklopediia

 Dostoevskii: Materialy i issledovaniia

 Dostoevsky Encyclopedia

 Dostoevsky Studies

 F.M. Dostoevskii: entsiklopediia

 International Dostoevsky Bibliography




Nikolai Gogol


  Gogol': Entsiklopediia

  Gogolevskii vestnik

  Literaturnye tipy Gogoliia

  Novi hoholeznavchi studii




  Bibliografiia literatury o Lermontove 1917-1977

  Lermontovskaia entsiklopediia

  Literatura o Lermontova: bibl. ukazatel 1992-2001

  Literatura o zhizni i tvorch. Lermontova 1825-1916

  Literatura o zhizni i tvorch. Lermontova 1978-1991

  Literaturnye tipy Lermontova

  M. Iu. Lermontov: Svodnyi Katalog materialov iz sobranii Pushkinskogo doma




Vladimir Nabokov

 Cambridge Companion to Nabokov

 Nabokov: A Bibliography

 Nabokov On-Line Journal


 V.V. Nabokov: bibliograficheskii ukazatel' 1920-2006

 V.V. Nabokov: ukazatel' literatury

 Vladimir Nabokov: A Descriptive Bibliography

 Vladimir Nabokov: A Reference Guide



Boris Pasternak


Boris Leonidovich Pasternak: A Bibliography

Boris Pasternak: A Reference Guide

Slovar' rifm Borisa Pasternaka





 Cambridge Companion to Pushkin

 Moskovskii Pushkinist

 Oneginskaia entsiklopediia

 Pushkin: A Concordance to the Poetry

 Pushkin Review = Pushkinskii vestnik

 Pushkin i ego sovremenniki

 Puskin's Rhymes: A Dictionary

 Slovar' iazyka Pushkina

 Slovar' krylatykh vyrazhenii Pushkina



Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Biobibliograf. ukazatel'

 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Critical Essays

 Alexander Solzhenitsyn: International Bibliography

 Solzhenitsyn Studies





Leo Tolstoy

 Bibliografiia literatury o LN Tolstom 1917-1958

 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' lit. o LN Tolstom 1974-78

 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' lit. o LN Tolstom 1979-84

 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' lit. o LN Tolstom 1985-90

 Cambridge Companion to Tolstoy

 Leo Tolstoy: Annotated Bib of English Sources to 1978

 Leo Tolstoy: Annotated Bib of English Sources 1978-2003

 Lev Tolstoi: Russkoe literaturnoe nasledie



Marina Tsvetaev

 M. I. Tsevetaeva: Materialy k bibliografii

 Marina Tsvetaeva: bibliograf. ukazatel' 1910-97

 Marina Tsvetaeva: bibliograf. ukazatel' 1910-41

 Slovar' poeticheskogo iazyka Mariny Tsvetaevoi

 Slovar' rifm Mariny Tsvetaevoi








  Bibliografiia literatury o Turgeneve 1918-67

  Turgenev i ego sovremenniki

  Turgenev in English: A Checklist

  Turgenevskie chteniia


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