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How do I find reference sources?

A guide to finding online and print reference sources like dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

Starting Points - Dictionaries

Below are some starting points for dictionaries. Dictionaries for languages other than English and discipline-specific dictionaries can be found on our subject guides.

Other Dictionaries

You can locate dictionaries for specific languages or subjects by using the advanced search in the Library Catalog.

For language dictionaries, enter the subject terms "[language] languages dictionaries". For example: 

  • English language dictionaries - English dictionaries
  • English language dictionaries slang - English slang dictionaries
  • English language dictionaries Australia - Australian English dictionaries
  • Japanese language dictionaries English - Japanese to English dictionaries
  • Hebrew language dictionaries French - Hebrew to French dictionaries
  • Russian language Rhyme Dictionaries - Rhyming dictionaries in Russian

For subject dictionaries, enter "dictionaries" as a subject term with additional keywords such as a discipline, era or event, occupation, etc.  

  • United States Civil War Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries Chemistry
  • Economics Dictionaries
  • Shakespeare Dictionaries

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