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A guide to EndNote citation management software.

Setting Preferences in EndNote X3 and higher

Recent versions of EndNote can locate full text PDF files or use the Library's Find It service to locate articles online. You need to set your preferences in EndNote to use these. If you are off-campus, you also need to set up authentication

  • In EndNote go to Preferences
  • Select Find Full Text
  • Enter this for Open URL Path
  • Enter this for Authentication URL
  • Close the preferences window

Go to References --> Find Full Text --> Authenticate

Windows users will get an error message about an invalid certificate. It is safe to accept the certificate.

Mac users will get a blank screen unless they have told Safari to accept the certificate. Instructions for doing that are below.

Find Full Text Settings for OSX

OSX requires you to accept a certificate that appears to be invalid. This is safe to do and is a function of how our proxy server handles authentication on the web. Follow these steps to authorize the certificate.

  1. Open Safari
    You must use Safari to complete this process, as the authentication screen in EndNote is actually a Safari window
  2. Connect to
  3. You will see a window with a warning about an invalid certificate. Click on "Show Certificate" to proceed
    Window showing certificate error
  4. Click on Trust
    Click on trust to proceed
  5. Change the dropdown menu to Always Trust and click continue

    Always trust this certificate
  6. You can now authenticate in EndNote