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Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

A guide able electronic laboratory notebooks for the sciences


The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free, open-source project management tool developed and maintained by the Center for Open Science. The OSF can help scholars manage their workflow, organize their materials, and share all or part of a project with the broader research community

Effective and transparent research

OSF supports research by combining all important features of research on one platform. 

The user can find new research papers based on the project, giving an efficient start to the new research. The platform allows the user to add collaborators and has a built-in version control to track the evolution of the project. OSF enables the users to store and share the data, or code among collaborators with ease. 
The user can publish their research as OSF preprint and lets others find and cite that work. 
OSF is also efficient to track research impact, by allowing the user to view the metrics of their published work.