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About the EIU

The Economist Intelligence Unit produces political and economic analysis on most countries in the world.

The Library does not subscribe to the EIU publications but does have access to much of their content through databases.

Current Publications

Publication Name ABI/INFORM Factiva
Country Commerce N/A 12/2002 -present
Country Finance 2009 - present (selected countries) 12/2002 -present
Country Reports 2014 - present (selected countries, six month embargo) N/A
Executive Briefing N/A 12/2002 -present
Risk Briefing N/A 12/2002 -present
Views Wire 1/2003 - present 1/1995 - present


Thomson ONE has many different reports from as far back as March, 1993.

Go to Accessing Publications for tips on locating these publications in the databases.

Archived Publications

Publications discontinued by the EIU are still available in our database subscriptions. These include a number of regional newsletters.

This chart shows which publications are available by database.

Publication Name ABI/INFORM Factiva
Business Africa N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business Asia 11/1992 - 3/2012 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business China N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business Eastern Europe N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business Europe 10/1993 - 3/2012 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business India Intelligence N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business Latin America N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Business Middle East N/A 12/2002 - 5/1/2012
Country Monitor 4/1993 - 3/2012 12/2002 - 5/1/2012