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Generative AI in Legal Research, Education, and Practice

This research guide provides a brief introduction to generative AI platforms and highlights resources discussing their usefulness in legal research, education, and practice, as well as the challenges and drawbacks to their use.

The field of generative AI is rapidly developing, and more is being written about how those developments affect the legal field every day. There are many helpful research tools that will allow you to keep up with these developments (in addition to checking back as this guide is updated).

Creating Alerts

Setting up alerts with legal databases and Google can be a powerful tool to keep abreast of generative AI developments.

Useful search terms for alerts may include:

  • (law or legal or lawyer*) and ("generative ai" or "artificial intelligence")
  • ("legal education" or "legal practice") and (chatgpt or bard or "bing chat" or casetext or copilot or "generative ai" )

Current Awareness Sources for AI and the Law

Blogs and Websites