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How do I access Library resources from off-campus?

Tips for using online resources when you're away from campus

About Access to Electronic Resources

Almost all online journals and databases available through the Library limit access to the University of Chicago network. When off-campus, IT Services' proxy server allows you to connect to these resources.

There are two primary ways to do this

  • Use links from the Library web site. These are configured to route you through the proxy server and allow you to authenticate.
  • Use the Proxy It! bookmarklet. This lets you manually add the proxy server information when you arrive at a page from a link or web search without the proxy server.



The ProxyIt! bookmarklet will reload a page to use IT Services proxy server. Install this button in your browser to get access to Library resources from off campus.

  • In Chrome, Firefox or Safari, drag this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link to your bookmarks toolbar.
  • In Internet Explorer, right-click on this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link and select "Add to Favorites..." (you may receive a Security Alert warning that the favorite may not be safe, click on "Yes" to continue). Choose where in your Favorites  you wish to save the bookmarklet (usually the Links toolbar) and then click on "OK".

Once installed, anytime you go to a web page of one of our electronic resources, click the ProxyIt! Button and it will reroute the page through the proxy server so that you can login and access the material. You must have JavaScript enabled for the bookmarklet to work.

ProxyIt! will only work for resources to which the Library has subscribed.  You can find whether we have a subscription by consulting the Library Catalog, the Ejournals database, or Articles Plus.  


Virtual Private Network (VPN) software creates a secure connection to the campus network and gives you access to all resources that are limited to campus access. It requires you to install and configure software rather than using links in your browser.

Other Tools

Google Scholar

You can configure Google Scholar to use the Library's FindIt! service. This will link you to fulltext from your Google Scholar results.


LibX is a browser plugin that lets you search the Library Catalog by clicking a button in your toolbar. It also lets you reload any page using ProxyIt! simply by right-clicking on a page.