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Middle East

School of Mamluk Studies

The School of Mamlūk Studies

The Third Conference of
The School of Mamluk Studies

The University of Chicago
June 23-June 25, 2016

Paper and Panel Proposals for the 2016 Conference are now closed.

June 23: Themed day: "Exchange in the Mamluk Sultanate: Economic and Cultural."

The act of exchanging one thing for another is ubiquitous in the history of all societies. It is found at all levels of commerce, from the local market to international trade, but it is not limited to economic matters. In the diplomatics and court practice of the Mamluk sultanate, the giving of gifts or the granting of rights, titles, or responsibilities are all forms of exchange in which the currency that facilitates the exchange is frequently something other than money. In societal relationships, ties could be strengthened by the exchange of family members via marriage, and in power relations non-tangible goods such as loyalty could be exchanged for wealth, titles, or other rewards. These are but a few examples of what exchange entails. The aim of this theme day is to focus on acts of exchange across these and other aspects of Mamluk society.

June 24-25: Panels

Organized panels on a wide range of topics will fill the final two days of the conference.

June 20-22: Intensive Course on Mamluk Numismatics

As with the two previous conferences, there will again be an advanced, intensive course. The topic will be Mamluk coins and related areas of study.

As further details (registration information, the schedule of papers and panels, etc.) are determined, announcements will be sent to those on our mailing list. If you wish to be notified, please complete the form at

We look forward to meeting you in Chicago.

Marlis Saleh, University of Chicago
Frédéric Bauden, Université de Liège (local organizer)
Antonella Ghersetti, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice

The School of Mamlūk Studies (SMS) is administered by the Universities of Chicago (Ill., USA), Liège (Belgium), and Ca' Foscari of Venice (Italy), respectively represented by Marlis Saleh, Frédéric Bauden, and Antonella Ghersetti. It is currently based at the University of Chicago, where Mamluk-related projects such as Mamlūk Studies Review, the Chicago Online Bibliography of Mamluk Studies, and the Chicago Online Encyclopedia of Mamluk Studies are managed. The mission of SMS is to provide a scholarly forum for a holistic approach to Mamluk studies, and to foster and promote a greater awareness of the Mamluk sultanate (1250–1517). Drawing upon the format of the School of 'Abbasid Studies (SAS) as a model, SMS aims to offer a forum for interdisciplinary debate focused on the Mamluk period in all its historical and cultural dimensions in order to increase, address, investigate, and exchange information and knowledge relevant to Mamluk studies in the broadest meaning of the term. Conceived as a meeting for scholars and graduate students working on any of the many aspects of the Mamluk empire, without neglecting its contacts with other regions, SMS offers to everyone working in the field of Mamluk studies the opportunity to attend annual conferences organized in turn by each of the three collaborating institutions.

The annual conferences will be organized around a general or a more specific theme which scholars will be invited to address. In addition, proposals for panels on other relevant subjects may be submitted by individuals, research teams, or institutions. Accepted panels will be held at the end of the thematic conference. On an irregular basis, SMS will also organize seminars in various fields (such as diplomatics, paleography, codicology, numismatics, epigraphy, etc.) which will be aimed at graduate students. These seminars will be planned to take place prior to or following the annual conference in the institution where the conference is held.

Papers presented at each conference on the selected theme will be published as a monograph, while papers presented at the panels will be considered for publication in Mamlūk Studies Review.


Marlis Saleh, Middle East Bibliographer

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