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Doing Research in Other Libraries & Archives

Below are some tips for doing research at other libraries and archives not affiliated with the University of Chicago.

Starting Points

Below are some databases to identify collections or works at other libraries and archives.

Before You Visit to Another Library or Archive

Do you actually need to go?

Know before you go…

  • Do they have what you need?
  • What is the item’s location in the library?
  • Is it available or checked out?
  • What are their policies for using the library?
  • When is the “access” or “privileges” office open?
  • Any special summer hours, closings, etc.?
  • Can you access the internet on your laptop?

Things to bring with you:

  • Identification
    • UChicago ID card
    • Government-sponsored ID (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.)
  • Proof of need (required by some institutions)
    • Letter from your advisor (on University letterhead)
    • Prepared statement about your research

Things to consider before a visit:

  • You will be unlikely to check out materials (with the exception of partner libraries)
  • Not every library includes all of their collections in their catalog
  • Many libraries do not allow wireless or computer access for visitors
  • Not every database to which a library subscribes will be available to visitors
  • When in doubt, don’t be afraid to use the reference (Ask a Librarian) services offered at the library or archive you plan to visit

UChicago librarians can help you...

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Ask a Librarian
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