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Creating Digital Media

Campus resources to create, edit, and share digital objects

Visual Resources for Teaching

Why and when should you use visual resources?

When used appropriately, images, illustrations and graphics can enhance student learning by:

Finding, Creating, and Sharing Images

A few resources across campus can help you create, edit, find, and share images. Places to contact are:

Store Your Media

ITServices has partnered with Box and Google Drive for the campus' cloud storage needs. Most of the features of Google Drive and Box are very similar; we recommend you use the tool that is best for your team. The primary differences between Google Drive and Box are shown in the following table:

Feature Box Google Drive
Free Storage Unlimited 5GB
Real-time edition and collaboration No Yes
Extensive document preview formats Yes No
Ownership Owner of the folder Creator of the document
Groups A group or an individual can own a folder Only individuals own folders

To learn more about campus cloud storage solutions, check out the Academic & Scholarly Technology Services blog post, "Box v.s. Google: Which to Use for My Class?"

Ask a Librarian

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Ask a Librarian
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Find Images

Below are a series of library guides to help you find, use and attribute images in your work