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FREN 23219; MDVL 23219 Medieval Mediterranean


WorldCat is a massive collective library catalog that covers most of Anglophone & francophone North America and the large libraries of Western Europe. Believe it or not, we do not own all of the books in the world! You might want to borrow a book from another library. You can do the same type of subject searches in WorldCat (use "Advanced Search") that you use in our library catalog.

Library catalog

Searching by "All Fields" in the library catalog is the easiest approach and usually brings up a good number of books; however, it doesn't always bring up the best books for the topic. For that, we need to use a "Subject" search, which allows us to use a little finesse.

Library catalogs use very precise vocabulary to describe subjects, which you can see in the "subject" part of the complete record for a book. For example, In describing a book on mediaeval literature, librarians always use the phrase "Literature, Medieval." Which perhaps seems obvious. However, it becomes less clear when we're looking at the literature for a specific country, which is divided into specific periods. So, for French literature, while we can look for a combination of "Literature Medieval" and "French," a better search would be for the unintuitive French literature to 1500, which will make certain that we get books on the topic of "literature."

French literature to 1500


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