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Tax Resources for Clinics

This guide covers tax resources for clinics working with startup companies.


Now that your client is set up internally, here are some other tax considerations that come with operating a business. While this guide focuses on Illinois tax law, please be advised that your client must be knowledgeable about its' tax filing and withholding requirements in each state it operates in.

Also, recognize that the state your client is organized in will determine the amount of taxes your client will pay, as well as the taxes your client will need to pay in order to operate in another state. For example, if your client is an LLC the taxes and fees your client will have to pay if its organized in Delaware and operates in Illinois will be different than the taxes your client would pay if it is in Illinois company doing business in Illinois. The Cheetah Smart Chart comparison tool can be helpful for this kind of comparative research, as well as the 50 state survey in Westlaw and the State Q&A Resource Type Available in Practical Law.

Real Property Tax

If the client intends to purchase property, then property taxes will be involved.

Sales and Use Tax

Miscellaneous Taxes

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