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Tax Resources for Clinics

This guide covers tax resources for clinics working with startup companies.


Now that the business entity has been chosen, the next step is determining how your client will pay the people that perform services on its behalf. The tax questions generally revolve around 

  • whether your client needs to pay employment tax withholdings 
  • what your client's filing requirements are for employees and independent contractors
  • the tax consequences of paying employees and officers with equity, and how you can structure those equity payments
  • what elections does your client, or the recipient of the compensation, need to file with the IRS (if any)
  • the tax consequences of providing benefits to your employees

The below list of resources contains both resources that serve as a general overview of these concepts and resources that provide more indepth explanations with references to the underlying primary authority.

Treatises and Databases

Sources Available Through UChicago

Free Sources

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