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ENGL 44500: Brechtian Representations (CompLit 40800/CMS 36200)

Loren Kruger, Spring 2018

Italian Trade Journals

Mexican Trade journals

About Trade Journals

Trade journals provide information on the film studios, legal issues (including censorship), technological developments, exhibitor-related issues and the production and distribution of individual films. Since many films of the silent era are lost forever, plot summaries and reviews in publications like these are often the only remaining source of information about certain films.

Many older trade journals are not indexed in any databases or printed citation indexes; this means that you may need to scan through every issue on microfilm or in print to find the information you want. Browsing trade journals allows you to examine your research topic in a broader context and may reveal important connections that you would have otherwise overlooked.

American Trade Journals

A selection listed in order of publication date.

German Trade Journals

On Microfilm.

Database of trade journals