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HIST 29635 Imperial Europe

What is a Primary Source?

Primary source materials include original documents and records of individuals, organizations and institutions directly related to a topic in time (contemporary newspaper reports, correspondence, diaries) or through participation (speeches, interviews, oral histories, etc.). Primary sources are original, unedited material (words, images, objects).



Pamphlet Collections

Primary Sources

Historical Texts & Other Collections of Documents

Subject Headings and Keywords

  • Colonies--History--Sources
  • Imperialism--History--Sources
  • Eastern question (Balkan)--Sources
  • Statesmen--Great Britain--Archives
  • India--History--British occumpation, 1765-1947--Sources
  • Great Britain--Colonies--Sources
  • Slavery--West Indies, British--Personal narratives
  • Armenian massacres--1915-1923--Personal narratives