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EndNote Web

Getting started with EndNote Web, an online citation manager available through the Library.

Collaboration using EndNote Web

EndNote Web allows you to share access with any other registered user. You can allow full read and write access or read only access. EndNote Web does not allow access to unregistered users, but most institutions that have access to Web of Science also have access to EndNote Web.

Activating Sharing

Sharing is done at the Group level. If you want to share your entire account, you must put all of your references in a group. The Unfiled group can not be shared.

You will need to know the email addresses that your collaborators used to register with EndNote Web.

To share a group:

  1. Go to Organize --> Manage My Groups
  2. Click Manage Sharing for the group you want to share
  3. Enter the email addresses of the people you are sharing with. Note that this must be one per line
  4. Select Read Only or Read & Write. People with Read & Write access can edit references in your account.
  5. Click Apply
  6. You will need to contact your colleagues when you have given them access. EndNote Web does not send notifications.

Citation Manager Team